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"Eager Beaver duct cleaning was very thorough, fast and efficient.  We were pleased with every aspect

of the procedure."  - C. Mitchoff, Portland OR


"I have allergies (dust, pollen, etc) and when Eager Beaver Duct Cleaning came in and cleaned my air

ducts in my home the air quality was really improved!  Thanks Eager Beaver." - C. Garrett, Tualatin OR


 Eager Beaver Duct Cleaning, duct cleaning, vent cleaning, Beaverton, OR, 97008


The Eager Beaver crew was very efficient and completed the work sooner than anticipated.  I appreciate

the flexibility working on this difficult site.

Due to moisture issues that were discovered in the cleaning process, we are evaluating the need for air

testing and remediation.  But, the Eager Beaver crew satisfactorily completed their contracted work.

Thank you for the coordination efforts on your part.

Thank you,

Lee Campbell - Oregon ZooEager Beaver Duct Cleaning, duct cleaning, vent cleaning, Beaverton, OR, 97008

Mike came out today to clean 12 of our ducts and from the looks of it, it looks like he did a great job. We

had noticed a cat urine smell in the

house and thought maybe it came from our vents/ducts. Mike told us that a couple of our ducts had

what looked like a gap/dent, which could

have been caused by an animal getting in there, which would explain the smell. He put extra sanitizor

to make sure no smell was left. 

Hopefully this is where the smell came from. For 12 ducts we ended up paying $369, which averaged to

$30 a duct. In my opinion, the price is decent. 

Mike is very nice and will answer any question you may have. I asked him if I was supposed to tip for a

service like that and he said no. He could have been greedy and said yes but he didn't, which in my

opinion is very professional. JG G.-Yelp user

Portland, Or

Eager Beaver Duct Cleaning is the best! I have used them 2 times now! The technician was very

professional and did a great job. Prior to getting my ducts cleaned I used to cough a lot at night. After

getting them cleaned I stopped coughing. I highly recommend cleaning your ducts if you have allergy

problems! Amber W.- Google user